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Removals 101: How to Pack Your Kitchen

We don’t realise just how many items we gather around us in our homes until we move. When you first moved out of your parents’ house, everything you owned probably got in a suitcase or two. Now that you are moving again, you probably feel overwhelmed by the very large number of items you have to pack. The kitchen can be a true nightmare for any mover out there. Aside from the fact that cleaning it for the next residents/tenants will most likely feel like a “horror” show, you will also notice that there are tons of things you have to pack – and some of them quite sensitive too!How do you do this without losing your mind over it? Here are some tips to help you out: 1.    Sort everything out. Moving every single item in the kitchen is, in most of the cases, completely useless. There are many things you don’t use and many things that can be replaced easily once you are all settled in your new home. Even more than that though, there are many things that are simply not worth paying the removals company for and many things that are not even safe to move too. As a general rule of thumb, keep all those things that are lightweight and that can be fairly easily packed: pasta, spices (especially these, since they tend to be quite pricy) and other similar foods/items. Get rid of bottles that have been opened (unless their contents were really expensive, case in which do make sure you safely pack them). Also, get rid of all the perishable foods if you are not moving somewhere nearby. 2.    Remember to pack a separate box with the things you’ll be using on your last days at the old home and on the first days at the new home. This includes dish soap (if you’re not buying a new one), something very easy to prepare (such as pasta and some sauce), one pot, eating utensils, plates and mugs for every member of the household, dish cloth (new one!), cleaner, some matches, candles and any other “emergency” item you may think of. Also, if you are a coffee/tea drinker, don’t forget to include everything you need in order to prepare these too. 3.    Start by packing the things you don’t use very frequently (such as your special China porcelains, for example). Move on to the drawers and shelves and make sure to start with the one that is the messiest. 4.    Pack your dishes and glassware. These ones really need to go in special boxes because otherwise you will wake up with many of them broken by the time you reach the destination. Just a couple of tips: plates are to be packed vertically, stacked one next to each other and with lining on top and on the bottom of the box; glassware is to be wrapped in bubble wrap and filled with crumpled packing paper and then placed in well-lined boxes with crumpled paper as cushioning between them. 5.    Most of the items in your pantry will have to go away, especially if they are heavy and if the price the removal company will charge for them will be higher than their actual price. Cans usually fall into this category. 6.    Remember to prep the appliances in your kitchen too and to do it at least one day before the removal company will come to your place. You really need to take time to do this properly because otherwise the appliances might get broken and, even worse, gas leaks can appear. Pay lots of attention to how you do this and always ask for help if you don’t know how to do it!

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